Saturday evening
6 hours later, at 7 pm, we were due to meet up for Lawry's at 7:30, so we ran upstairs to change. On our way out of MB to chen's car, I ran into Dennis wang. Unfortunately I didn't have too much time to chat as we were in a rush. Chen's mini cooper-s has some dope 12" sub bass, that I got to enjoy while chillin' in the backseat. He is definitely one exciting driver, wow. We weaved in and out of traffic and through gas stations too. We arrived at Lowry's in plenty of time and after getting a drink in the lounge, we were seated in 2 groups of 7, since we had i think 14 folks. Dinner was wildly entertaining. Pang and Steve made Olivia blush like mad with their discussion of the 'alphabet'. Amanda educated me on a new side of Euge and his *cough* collection haha. i never knew! Some of them already ate buffet a little while ago, so they didn't order, while the majority of us had the California cut, to conserve stomach space for the alcohol that was to ensue. During dinner, I also found out that Amanda was a huge Snoopy fan too! I had seen a neat Snoopy cosmetic pouch on the bathroom counter and wondered if it was hers or Olivia's. cool! At one point, the table sent me to talk to the other table for a bit, and when I got back, they came out with a birthday cake for me! Even the next table was singing too ahha, thanks everyone! The cake was quite good, as it was a sponge cake layered with fruit. They also presented me with a "genuine" barf bag straight off the Southwest airplane haha . Everyone signed it with a funny slogan about either young girls or yacking later on hehe. There's a funny pic too of Jay feeding me a piece of the cake. Tragically this barf bag would be "trounced" out by some professionals at OG. Dinner finished quite early, at nearly 9:30, so we went to drink in the lounge for a while to wait for the party bus, which was supposed to pick us up about 10:30 or so. Tami bought me and Ines a drink, and the bartender suggested a "scooby snack", and he said he'd even treat me to mine haha. thanks! The scooby snack turned out to be a green concoction, of midori and malibu coconut rum. very nice. The girls then had another round of 151 and something. Tim enjoyed his cigar while we watched some Olympics. After waiting outside for a bit, our guide named Justin came by to say that he was 'cleaning up' our party limo. Instead of a bus, this stretch shiny party black SUV rolled up, which was pretty dope, with the two long benches along the side, fat neon lights all over, 2 wet bars, and a boomin' system playing hip-hop. Our first stop was to Venus at Venetian's. The venue looked nice, but there weren't as many knock-outs as we were hoping on. There was one in a tight red dress that was dancing near us on the lighted floor, but she was shaking off guys left and right. Near the bar area where us guys took a shot, it smelled like someone had just yacked ahah. Jerry was looking pretty full after he took his shot of vodka. At one point, Tim pushed me onto the box, only to be immediately called down by one of the bouncers haha. Girls only allowed up there!

Next stop was the most eventful, OG! On the way to OG, there was a great moment in the limo when Ines gave Tim a lap dance haha. Everyone got a bunch of pics of it heh. OG was quite different from c-horse, as there are multiple mini stages and dark couches in the back areas. The girls made a beeline upstairs for the "male revue". Right off the bat, Jerry found this super hot blond on one of the stages, and we stood alongside the edge and he shoved her some money and she in turn shoved my head into her hoots. Soft, very soft. Man she was hot. Jerry got himself a little action too and then we waltzed away to check out the other performances. Maybe 10 minutes passed as everyone stood around in various groups, which I didn't know was cause Jerry was setting up a killer b-day present... as I was standing by the stage, I suddenly heard my name being announced as the birthday boy, and then I was pushed on the little stage and onto a little seat. The MC tells me to sit on my hands and next thing I know, there are 3... that's right THREE strippers in front of me! Included were the super hot blondie and the Dana girl that we were just watching, as well a 3rd one that I'll be referring to real soon. As the girls circled around rubbing boobs in my face and feeling me up unbuttoning my shirt, so much was happening that I didn't know what to focus on haha. One stripper titty-boxed my face for 3 different rounds and woah, they were quite firm. I was afraid my contacts were gonna fall out. Another stripper did this turbo bounce on my lap and I was all concerned that I would embarrass myself by pulling a muscle haha. Oh I forgot to mention that at the start of the session, the announcer asked to look at my watch and announced to the entire audience that my watch was a Hilary Duff one. Then as the session continued, he proceeded to rip on me about young girls, not getting any since the "last bush administration" haha, and then something about giraffe pr0n! haha, apparently that last one was Ricky's contribution, as some of the guys had contributed some ideas to the mc. Well, needless to say, that was the greatest lap dance session of my life so far. wow. As I came off the stage, the guys started ripping on me saying like "you REALLY enjoyed that eh, we could all see". wt! haha. Some of the girls came down for a minute, and Pang bought Chen a lapdance with a hottie in green pants that wore a backwards baseball cap. Pang leaned over and unbuttoned Chen's shirt for him and said to the stripper "doesn't he have a nice chest?" and the stripper says to Chen "I like your chest".. to which Chen replies "i like yours too". haha! that's hilarious. I also put a few bucks into Chen's mouth so she'll give him some personal attention there. Right beforehand, Jerry and I had taken another quick lap around the place and he had pointed out a girl that he said was very hot. I must've misidentified her, as the girl I thought was her walked by us and I said to Jerry "hey is that her?" and he made some sort of motion, so I told her to hook up Jerry and gave her $20. She was aeight, I was disappointed in her dancing style and stuff. At least she shoved her boobies in his face for a bit. The great part about Vegas strip clubs is that the local competition is so high that the entertainers have to do more for less money. The type of services that they were offering for $20 would cost at least $80 to $120 in the bay area. Tami came down right as Chen was getting his chest rubbed and didn't enjoy the sight heh. A few minutes later, I saw Chen getting another lap dance in the "dark" couch area with another chick, and I told both Tami and Jerry. Jerry thought it was hilarious, Tami covered her eyes and said "i don't want to see that!" haha. Minutes later, saw Jerry finally finding his super hottie (she was indeed quite hot) and sat near where Chen was sitting and had himself a fun time. I looked around for this one hot azn girl but she was always busy with other guys. Soon we gathered and departed for our last stop, Bikini's at Rio.

I think it was on our way to Bikini's that Jerry realized he had lost his cell phone. It seemed like his 'favorite' stripper bounced it right off his waist at the club. Bikini's was quite a sausagefest, but we made our own fun anyways. Pang had an incident when he got total c-blocked by some lamer with a cute girl. He was quite upset about it for a while. Amanda, Olivia, Steve, April, and I had a lot of fun on the dance floor. April remarked that she got her behind grabbed on multiple occasions. I remember seeing Ines and Tim somewhere and then they disappeared too, i think back to the hotel. So as Bikini's made their last calls and stuff, we started heading out with Pang and Peter too. The two of them wanted to find some girl or something and the 5 of us were hungry, so we went to the front of Rio's and tried to skip the super long cab line by cheating and hailing a cab leaving the "drop-off zone". Steve was hardcore and ran into the middle of driveway trying to flag one down, while bellboys were yelling at cabs not to stop for us. Eventually ONE minivan cab did stop for us, and we all jumped in hella fast. Our cab driver was a really nice older pakistani man. We tipped him well to show our gratitude.
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