Rocking the Shades in SoCAL - Intro

It started off innocently enough as a potential XS gathering in Norcal as Felix (aka Rocks aka Daz aka Fling) was going to be back in California for a few days

July 1st 2002
(edited for viewer time constraints)
[19:58] [arf|nene] do you have to work july 2-6 ?
[19:59] [MacBee] yes
[19:59] [arf|nene] so...wanna go to vagus?
[19:59] [MacBee] can't
[19:59] [MacBee] our entire family going?
[19:59] [arf|nene] me and marge = bored
[19:59] [arf|nene] well, not yet
[19:59] [arf|nene] but i'm just predicting
[20:00] [MacBee] u guys should just visit BAY AREA
[20:00] [arf|nene] i asked her that
[20:00] [MacBee] hehe
[20:00] [arf|nene] "wanna drive up north and play bball with my xs friends?"
[20:00] [MacBee] HAHAHA
[20:00] [arf|nene] "uh, NO. ;p"
[20:01] [arf|nene] she already said no
[20:01] [MacBee] haha
[20:02] [MacBee] BBQ
[20:03] [MacBee] if you are coming
[20:03] [MacBee] then i'm having a bbq
[20:03] [MacBee] i'm sure pres/reod/nc and people will come
[20:03] [arf|nene] if she doesn't warm up to the norcal trip idea i'm going to beat her
[20:04] [MacBee] my parents are gone
[20:04] [arf|nene] PARTY AT PIPS
[20:04] [arf|nene] hey
[20:04] [arf|nene] invite your neighbor?
[20:04] [arf|nene] oh
[20:04] [MacBee] haha
[20:04] [MacBee] ...
[20:04] [MacBee] are you going to invite your sister?
[20:04] [arf|nene] fair trade
[20:04] [MacBee] bwahaha
[20:04] [arf|nene] give me your neighbor first though
(that's in reference to Ms. Freeman of course.. but back to the subject at hand..)

[20:06] [arf|nene] my sister says she has to work till july 3 afternoon
[20:07] [arf|nene] wednesday afternoon
[20:07] [MacBee] plenty of time
[20:07] [arf|nene] so we drive....get there wednesday late night
[20:07] [MacBee] haha
[20:07] [arf|nene] pretty goddamn gay
[20:07] [arf|nene] ok so thursday july 4
[20:07] [arf|nene] we get fucking baked and drunk
[20:07] [arf|nene] and play ball
[20:07] [arf|nene] friday july 5 recover
[20:07] [arf|nene] drink a little more
[20:08] [arf|nene] my flight to chicago is saturday morning, 6 am, lax
[20:08] [MacBee] WHAT
[20:08] [MacBee] better delay that shit til the 7th

then the conversation switches over to the potential of having a SOCAL trip...
[20:29] [arf|nene] for what me and litlG
[20:29] [arf|nene] are going to do
[20:29] [arf|nene] for fourth of july
[20:29] [MacBee] OK
[20:29] [arf|nene] NOTHING
[20:29] [MacBee] ...
[20:29] [MacBee] how about this
[20:29] [MacBee] we go to socal
[20:29] [MacBee] !!!
[20:29] [MacBee] HAHAHA
[20:29] [arf|nene] YEAH FEWW
[20:30] [MacBee] hmm
[20:30] [MacBee] wth are we all going to stay if we go to socal
[20:30] [MacBee] HAHA
[20:31] [arf|nene] my house
[20:31] [arf|nene] irvine
[20:31] [arf|nene] no one lives there
[20:31] [MacBee] we all going to party in irvine then?
[20:31] [arf|nene] better than me being bored
[20:31] [MacBee] bwahaha
[20:31] [MacBee] hm
[20:31] [MacBee] so party in norcal...
[20:31] [MacBee] or party in socal
[20:32] [MacBee] but then i'd have to be back friday nite
[20:32] [arf|nene] anything else to do up there for july 4?
[20:32] [arf|nene] besides eat drink and drink
[20:33] [MacBee] whatever u want to do
[20:33] [MacBee] we can go clubbing
[20:33] [MacBee] meet some chicks

[20:35] [MacBee] talking about how we are going to do something
[20:35] [MacBee] we just need to straighten these plans out
[20:35] [MacBee] should we go to norcal or socal
[20:35] [arf|nene] i need to get litlG here in irc and you guys convince her to go to norcal
[20:35] [MacBee] ok
[20:35] [arf|nene] getting me (= 1 person) away from my comptuer vs getting all you away from your computer
[20:35] [arf|nene] ....yeah. norcal
[20:36] [MacBee] uh
[20:36] [MacBee] why do we need to be near a computer?
[20:36] [arf|nene] uh
[20:36] [arf|nene] i don't think that question requires a response

[20:37] [arf|nene] hah
[20:38] [arf|nene] my prediction
[20:38] [arf|nene] will come true
[20:39] [arf|nene] after spending 10 days in taiwan doing nothing
[20:39] [arf|nene] i will spend 3 days in california doing nothing

(oooh how things are going to be completely opposite...)

Questioning various members..

[21:39] [MacBee] reod/pres
[21:39] [MacBee] socal trip for thurs friday then?
[21:42] [Reod] i dunno, can we handle the hot bitches out there?
[22:18] [MacBee] balls is down for LA trip

July 2nd, 2002

[00:07] [arf|nene] PARTY IN IRVINE
[00:07] [arf|nene] i have regular nintendo
[00:07] [arf|nene] btw
[00:07] [arf|nene] oh

[01:41] [arf|nene] paul
[01:42] [arf|nene] do you want to come to my place in socal
[01:42] [foobie] d: will u provide the women and the orgy?
[01:42] [Reod] d, i don't thikn he can handle the hot bitches out there

[01:47] [arf|nene] july 2 tuesday
[01:47] [arf|nene] i will be in lax
[01:47] [arf|nene] i will provide my sister
[01:47] [arf|nene] and an empty house
[01:47] [arf|nene] with regular nintendo
[01:47] [arf|nene] and a nearby albertsons where we can get liquor
[01:47] [jlu] lol [01:47] [arf|nene] and some dope ass so cal beaches to bonfire if you guys want
[01:49] [foobie] hank and I will be down there w/ 20 eps of meteor garden.

[01:49] [arf|nene] dude i'd love to lan up north
[01:49] [arf|nene] but i don't think that would be too attractive for my sister
[01:50] [foobie] bring her up. i'll entertain her
[01:50] [foobie] in ways she's never thought possible
[01:51] [Reod] no one could doubt that foobie
[01:51] [arf|nene] with foobie, litlG would have her veritable pick of guys that have no idea how to please her

July 3rd, 2002

[01:08] [foobie] wanna go to anime expo? and visit d?
[01:08] [ever--] d can visit my sister and her friends
[01:08] [foobie] L.A. thur - sun. this week.
[01:09] [foobie] can i visit ur sister and her friends? or do u think they'll be to young for me?
[01:09] [ever--] my sister just turned 21
[01:09] [foobie] yay
[01:09] [ever--] about a couple months ago
[01:09] [arf\d\] fewwbie just turned 43

[01:15] [MacBee] warm up the bbq then?
[01:15] [arf\d\] hehe
[01:16] [MacBee] haha
[01:17] [MacBee] i just gotta find out, how we gonna get there
[01:17] [MacBee] me n balls don't want to use our cars

[01:18] [MacBee] ever....
[01:19] [MacBee] r u ready to go to irvine?
[01:19] [MacBee] we can visit your sister
[01:19] [MacBee] foobie....are you going?
[01:19] [MacBee] pres/reod are you gong?
[01:22] [ever--] socal? for how long
[01:23] [MacBee] til friday nite
[01:23] [MacBee] just for 7-4
[01:23] [MacBee] and recover on 7-5
[01:23] [arf\d\] haha
[01:23] [MacBee] like 1 3/4 days
[01:23] [MacBee] OH
[01:23] [MacBee] fine
[01:23] [MacBee] you are coming
[01:23] [ever--] where are we staying
[01:23] [arf\d\] the pad
[01:23] [MacBee] hahahha
[01:24] [ever--] are his parents home?
[01:24] [ever--] i want to play nintendo with his mom
[01:24] [ever--] so she can teach me how to hold the controller properly
[01:24] [MacBee] THEN U CAN'T FOOO
[01:27] [foobie] going where?
[01:27] [foobie] AX?
[01:27] [MacBee] socal
[01:27] [foobie] ax, this thur-sun.
[01:27] [MacBee] psh
(foobie and his transanime expo!)

[01:27] [ever--] maybe if we go to the beach on friday
[01:27] [MacBee] oh
[01:27] [MacBee] jeez man
[01:27] [MacBee] foobie wants to go to ax
[01:28] [MacBee] ever wants to go to a beach
(we are so hard to please)

[01:28] [MacBee] #1 it's time we had a vacation other than vegas
[01:28] [MacBee] #2 bring your bowling ball...OH
[01:29] [MacBee] #3 SCREW the AX

[01:31] [MacBee] i thought about the damn plane
[01:31] [MacBee] but #1 prices would probably be ridiculous
[01:31] [MacBee] #2 SCREW THE PLANE
[01:32] [MacBee] #3 why are you so damn pessimistic
[01:32] [MacBee] #4 man, u know i got that shit
[01:32] [MacBee] #5 i don't know....that's my only problem
[01:33] [MacBee] hey man, the earlier you say you are going
[01:33] [MacBee] the earlier i can start concentrating on transportation
[01:33] [MacBee] shit
[01:33] [MacBee] you are obviously going
[01:34] [MacBee] cuz it's FRIDAY...AND YOU AIN'T GOT SHIT TO DO
[01:34] [ever--] do i not? :P
[01:36] [ever--] haha juliana is having a bbq on the 4th

[01:38] [ever--] what time are you planning to leave on thursday, in theory
[01:38] [MacBee] up to YOU
[01:38] [MacBee] wednesday
[01:38] [MacBee] HAHAHA
[01:38] [MacBee] we leaving tomorrow NITE FOO
[01:39] [ever--] oh tomorrow night
[01:39] [MacBee] whenever me n balls are off work
[01:39] [MacBee] probably won't hit the road til about 7
[01:39] [ever--] 7 pm ?

[01:44] [MacBee] pres
[01:45] [MacBee] u getting in the car too right?
[01:45] [arf|radw] if u actually manage to get going

[03:35] [arf|p] uh so are we really going to so cal
[03:38] [foobie] ur call
[03:38] [foobie] i can drive
[03:39] [arf|p] as long as u arent going to play any funky ccs music in your car

[09:22] *** ever-- changes the topic to 'XS SOCAL GATHERING 7/3 - 7/5, call MacBee cell if you are going, otherwise he considers you a no go'
[09:27] [arf|p] wt
[09:27] [arf|p] who's driving
[09:29] [ever--] haha i have no clue
[09:34] [arf|p] hahaha i didnt think so
[09:34] [arf|p] i put chances of being on highway 5 by 10pm at 40%

During the day, Philip, Paul, and I meet up at 168 for lunch and Meteor Garden Cd exchange, discuss the potential for a Socal trip but Foobie is undecided. Afterwards Mac and I hit up Albany Bowl for a few games still undecided, and then finally decide in the parking lot at 5:45 pm that we indeed WILL be taking a roadtrip!

[18:39] [Si|vrback] so like
[18:39] [Si|vrback] when are you guys leaving
[18:42] [Reod] uh
[18:44] [arf|p] like i know
[18:44] [MacBee] oh
[18:44] [MacBee] i have returned
[18:44] [arf|p] mac doesnt know either
[18:44] [ever--] i guess i am officially going since i told my sister
[18:44] [ever--] i am watching METEOR GARDEN
[18:45] [MacBee] hercules departure time is hopefully 8pm
[18:45] [MacBee] meet at PPP at 8:30pm
[18:45] [Reod] uh
[18:46] [arf|p] so do u know where in irvine he lives?
[18:46] [MacBee] no
[18:46] [MacBee] oh

[19:18] [MacBee] how about this
[19:19] [MacBee] each car has to play sutoberi pai all the way there
[19:19] [MacBee] see who gets sick of it first
[19:19] [ever--] muhahah
[19:19] [ever--] i'd be down for that bet

[19:29] [Balls] uh
[19:29] [Balls] so i don't have to drive right?
[19:30] [Balls] for the record... i am willing to drive anyone elses car
[19:30] [Balls] additionally
[19:30] [Balls] my rear tires are quite bald
[19:42] [Si|vrback] so you have figured out what the homo you're gonna do?
[19:42] [tardedman] balls i thought you got new tires
[19:42] [Balls] i didn't install them yet

[19:46] [Si|vrback] you guys figure out where felix lives yet?
[19:47] [arf|p] no
[19:47] [arf|p] we're just going to guess
[19:47] [Si|vrback] err
[19:47] [Si|vrback] you've been there before?
[19:48] [arf|p] no
[19:48] [arf|p] im sorry if that statement gave u an impression that i have
[19:48] [Si|vrback] there's only about 10,000 homes in irvine, you'll have no problem finding his

... and so Paul shows up at my apt about 8:15 while Philip, George, Tim, and Phillip shows up about 8:35 pm downstairs

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